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Engineering Experts

We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced team.


Our Engineers and Designers have the capacity, capability and proven experience required to provide structural and mechanical  engineering design services to:-

  • Power Generation

  • Energy Market

  • Air Pollution Control

  • Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Chemical

  • Transportation & Heavy Lifts

  • Marine Engineering including Vessel Modification

  • Offshore Engineering including Subsea Hardware, Topsides and Umbilical Design


Power Generation

We have worked on several gas and coal power stations in respect to the intake and exhaust from the turbines.


Previous work in this sector include design of :-

• Turbine Air Intake & Exhaust Systems (Onshore and Offshore)

• Ductwork (up to 600 degrees C)

• Exhaust Stacks (up to 600 degrees C)

• Support Structures for turbine and filter packages

• 250 Tonne Lift Frame

• Acoustic Enclosures for turbines and generators

Lift of a filter house carried out by TyneTec Engineering Ltd, engineering consultants

Energy Sector

Our team have experience of working within the energy sector both onshore and offshore, including renewables.


We have recently designed and engineered the temporary structures for the building of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset.  


Our engineering and design teams have produced fabrication drawings for gantries, access towers, conveyor and transfer towers for the project. 

All of the structures were designed to Eurocode using STAAD Pro software.  The structures were then modelled using Inventor and AutoCAD software to produce fabrication drawings.

Offshore wind turbine farm.jpg

Industrial Buildings

We have experience of providing structural engineering design work for industrial and commercial facilities.

Our engineering team are particularly skilled in designing steel and composite steel work and reinforced concrete.

Recently completed projects include:-

  • Design and analysis of steel hand rail and connections for a fire training facility

  • Design and analysis of duct supports and cable tray supports for a car factory

  • Design of internal stairs for a high street banking organisation

  • Design of handrails within a retirement home

  • Facade design for commercial buildings

Silhouette people on glass staircase.jpg

Air Pollution Control

Our team have experience of mechanical and structural design of products including air intake towers, exhaust systems and acoustic enclosures for gas turbines, suitable for onshore and offshore installations.


Several of our engineers and designers have been involved with the design of filter housings, ductwork and acoustic enclosures from thin guage steel, runway beams, lifting lugs, anti-ice pipework and support steelwork.

Our engineers have experience of designing steelwork to relevant specifications usch as British Standards BS449, BS 5950, AISC 9th and 13th Editions, using recognised software such as STAAD.  The loads were applied from relevant wind and seismic codes including CP3, UBC and ASCE.

Notable projects include:-

  • Design of intake systems for fixed platforms for Total in Abu Dhabi

  • 250Te Lifting Frame to lift fully assembled air intake system

  • Design of air intake system support steelwork for GE Power

An Inventor model showing a design by TyneTec Engineering Ltd, provider of structural and mechanical engineering services.

Pictured: Model of moving extraction hood, designed to reduce emissions when pouring molten metal - modelled using Inventor software


Petrochemical & Process Industry

Our team has experience of providing structural design and detailing to the process industry.

Most notably our engineers and designers have provided structural design of new plant and supporting structures.  We have also undertaken several projects to verify and/or upgrade existing buildings and process plant.  This work includes pipe bridges, storage tanks and access walkways.

As part of these scopes of work we have undertaken site surveys, stress analysis and production of detailed drawings.

Pipe bridge structural design by TyneTec Engineering Ltd, Engineering Consultants

Pictured: 3D model of pipe bridges, modelled using Tekla Structures software


Heavy Lifts & Transportation

Our team has experience of designing temporary structures to facilitate the fabrication and load-out of topside modules weighing typically upto 3000Te.


Workscopes completed generally include fabrication support, jacking, lifting and load-out and sea-fastening.

Notable projects completed by the team including:-


  • Heerema Fabrication Group : Culzean ULQ and CPF Jackets

  • Heerema Fabrication Group : Petrofac Galloper Jacket and Topside

Structural design of temporary structures by TyneTec Engineering Ltd, a part of the Benbecula Group.

Pictured: Design of temporary structures to facilitate the fabrication  and loadout of 2000 tonne topside module


Vessels & Platforms

Many of our team have been involved with design and modification of offshore structures located on drilling vessels and platforms.  


More specifically structures have been modelled using STAAD and Ansys software, whilst adhering to Eurocode 3 guidelines.


Accompanying reports are created based on software outputs and hand calculations performed using MathCAD.  Our reports are available to be submitted for third party approval to DNV / Nobel Denton.


Notable projects completed by the team including:-


  • Eirik Raude 400 Te BOP Upgrade

  • Eirik Raude Lifeboat Upgrade

  • FEED engineering for relocation of the Emerald Modular Drill Rig 

Ansys Analysis performed by TyneTec Engineering Ltd, Engineering Consultants

Pictured: Analysis of existing Moonpool deck structure and rails modelled using Ansys software

Marine Engineering


We have the necessary skill set and capacity to provide engineering design support for new vessels, vessel conversions and modifications.


Several members of our team have previously been employed by Swan Hunter shipbuilders and have a substantial level of expertise in engineering design for vessels including naval vessels.

Furthermore we are able to effectively demonstrate previous experience of relateable areas such as dry dock design and vehicle access, such as those required roll on/off ferries.


Offshore Engineering


With the vast amount of subsea hardware on the seabed, installation of this equipment is critical to project success.

As part of our work in this sector, we have demonstrable experience of:-

  • Designing umbilicals, hang-offs and subsea support structures

  • Designing installation reels and handling aids

  • Reel modifications and sea fastening

  • Deck layouts and Mobilisation

  • Installation and trenching of umbilicals and HVDC power cables

  • FEED studies

  • Offshore Surveys 

  • Cable / Umbilical Lay

3D rendering of a subsea production mani
Subsea Installations

Our team has experience of offshore installation of submarine cables, umbilicals and associated hardware. Often involving periods working offshore our engineers and designers have the required safety and medical documentation necessary to undertake such assignments.  

We have experience of working on installation and ploughing vessels in geographical locations such as UK North Sea, West Africa and Korea, involved in all aspects of EPIC projects.

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